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Testimonials from our raving fans . . .

“Victoria evaluated our entire staff and made suggestions on aligning the right people to the right positions. She helped us make some hard decisions on various personnel issues, as there were some uncomfortable moves with people who had a long history with the company; however, in each case she was dead on. We have had some remarkable turnarounds thanks to in great part her insight and advice. We continue to use her services and would highly recommend Victoria.” ~Michael Katz, President, RJ Groner

“Your presentation to the Greater Philadelphia Chapter of ASIS on The Missing Link, was extremely well received by our chapter members. Attendees learned the difference between pre-screening tools used by HR professionals to get the ‘right candidate’ and what Security professionals need to mitigate risks.  It provided valuable insights on selection tools to reduce workplace violence and guidance on how to collaborate with HR during the pre-screening processes.  Our members gave positive feedback that the information you shared will benefit them greatly in their daily work activities.” Justin Kleskie, CPP, Chapter Chair, Greater Philadelphia Chapter of ASIS International

“Victoria Mavis of HRKnowledgeBase.com, has been extremely helpful to supporting my company’s success.  She is knowledgeable, efficient, and effective with working with our management team, giving us the HR guidance that we need to protect our company’s interest while supporting the needs of our employees.  Victoria even assisted us with crafting our HR policy to convert our business to a tobacco-free workforce which required out of the box thinking as well as creativity and sensitivity to manage the legal balancing act needed for such a significant change.  I would recommend Victoria and HRKnowelegeBase.com to any small business that needs enterprise-quality HR support.” ~ Zane Patalive, Vice President, Real IT Care, LLC

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