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Business Networking and Sex

Here’s the BNI Podcast on Business Networking and Sex: Not What You Think..

Summary reprint (below) is from Networking Now.  For the full article, click here.

Dr. Ivan Misner, Chairman and Founder of BNI is about to start his book tour for Business Networking and Sex – Not what You Think, which is about gender differences in networking. One of his co-authors focused on the man’s perspective, one on the woman’s perspective, while Dr. Ivan Misner took the networking expert’s perspective in the book, Business Networking and Sex.

One of the important questions the Business Networking And Sex book addresses is “Are men and women really so different?”

Both men and women want business from networking and both are willing to work hard to get it. But they approach it in different ways, and need to learn the style of the opposite sex.

Here are some tips for women dealing with men (while Business Networking):

  •     When asking for help, communicate clearly what you want
  •     When speaking to men, try to impress them and share your accomplishments
  •     When spoken to inappropriately, speak up immediately. Don’t accept it.
  •     Convey an image that you’re a serious business person at all times.

For men dealing with women (while Business Networking):

  •     Slow down. Build the relationship.
  •     Don’t assume that women don’t take their business seriously.
  •     Edit what you’re about to say. Filter out anything that’s not business-appropriate.
  •     Remember that women are at business networking events for the same reason you are: to get business.

Find out more about the Business Networking and Sex book here

What are your experiences that you can share for Business Networking and Sex when it comes to the opposite sex?  We welcome your stories to share with followers of www.VictoriaMavis.com and also with the authors of the book, Business Networking and Sex – Not What You Think.