Commanding the Room: Preview Chapter

Here’s a preview copy of my chapter, “Commanding the Room by Victoria Mavis” (chapter 22, page 207) in the Book, Building the Ultimate Network.  This book hit Amazon’s best sellers’ list. Hope you enjoy!

One of the key strategies revealed in Building the Ultimate Network Book is to provide value and pass information along to others so they can now Build their Ultimate Network (that’s part of the secret—it’s in the giving back)! Here’s a few ways to you can help:

  • Check bookstores and if Building the Ultimate Network is not in stock request it.
  • Check your local library and if they don’t have the book, email Victoria and she’ll send them a copy.
  • Adopt a school or university.  Provide copies for their library and send a press release out on it.
  • Mention the book in your emails, or Social Media through a series of posts or tweets (contact Victoria and she provide tweets and posts you can use).
  • Provide contact information to Victoria for follow-up to potential speaking audiences.
  • Write a book review for the HRKnowledgeBase store.
  • Schedule Victoria to speak, or for book signings at Rotary clubs, BNI, Chamber functions, Conferences, Libraries or other venues.
  • Share Victoria’s contact information and blog (where you get book updates) with others.
  • Make a presentation using information the book and provide audience with details of how to purchase.
  • Purchase the book and give away as ‘thank you’ gifts for prospects or clients (discounts for bulk orders are available).
  • Other ideas?  Contact Victoria directly and have a conversation.

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