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  1. Dear Victoria,

    You added me on Twitter a while ago and I wanted to ask a question but the site only allows a few words per message. I am disabled myself living in the UK and wanting to make more of myself rather than sitting inside all my life.
    I was born with a rare illness and have had over 30 major operations. I have had a colostomy most of my life and now am a council member for a colostomy support group as most people see me as a Vet having it for so long.
    I understand that their is not much support for people with colostomies in the USA and wanted to change that. I am currently writing a book to help those going through a Ostomy. I decided to do this after many people told me they was ready to kill themselves rather than live with a bag (and these people where over 60). The following meeting I was told that someone had a brother in the USA and was having one and yet had little support for this matter.

    What I wanted to ask is what would be the best way to get support over to the US? There are sites but that is not enough for people who are extremely depressed. They need to see someone who is living like this.

    Kind regards,


    1. Hi James,
      I have just read this note on Victoria’s blog and thought I would add my 2 cents worth.
      Are you aware that there are two companies that sell undergarments for men and women who have ostomies? These garments have pockets added to the inside, to hold the ostomy bag. This way the ostomy bag is held secure and the chance of a tear or loosening is lessened. One of the companies is in the U.K., and the other in Canada. I am afraid their names have slipped my mind at the moment but they will be added to my website in the next few months.
      I hope the sales of your book are going well. Please contact me directly with information on how to purchase it.

      Thank you
      Ruth J Clark
      Fashion Moves Inclusive Designs

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