Victoria Mavis Speaker Disability Ableism

Victoria Mavis is not the average disabled keynote speaker who may tell the struggle of living with disabilities from a wheelchair or recount tales of overcoming life with a handicap by defeating competitors through her athletic feats—she wishes she could, but that’s not been the journey of her life disability. Rather, Victoria Mavis views ableism as the world seen through a disability filter where she’s normal, like everyone who doesn’t have obvious disabilities. Her reality and speaker presentations force the world to adapt to her vision of ableism, despite her unique walking disability of a halting limp, her best supporter, ‘Steve’, a forearm metal crutch that anchors her every step, and the wheelchair she uses when the journey is too long for her to walk.

Already a best-selling online Amazon book Author, Victoria Mavis co-authored the book, Building the Ultimate Network. Her contribution to the book was ‘Commanding the Room’, where Victoria outlines her successful strategy in meeting key people in a room full of strangers when you’re the disabled one sitting in the wheelchair or walking with the forearm crutch who sticks out like a purple Barney at a white wedding.

Now, Victoria Mavis’ newly launched book, Every Scar Tells a Story  is life-inspired (Victoria’s) and includes everyday characters who share their insights to overcome daily adversities that inadvertently or unconsciously place roadblocks to their success. The journey chronicles this disabled woman’s triumph over a crippling childhood injury that caused her lifetime handicap, thus unleashing her true potential to tell about it; her faith is that it gives others hope to overcome and achieve—whether they have a disability or not.

Throughout her career, Victoria Mavis has been a speaker at countless conferences. She has delivered keynote presentations on disabilities, accessibility, and ableism and interactive workshops on a variety of human resource, interpersonal communication skills, and disability topics. However, her favorite speaker engagements are those where participants of every ability are engaged on a journey to change the path they’re on to one that they dream (and plan that day) to achieve through their distinctive view of ableism.

Victoria Mavis’ professional experience includes a lifetime career as a human resource professional (you can find her on LinkedIn), including owning her own HR consulting practice and being employed by a variety of large international manufacturing corporations in human resources.

Victoria Mavis holds an MBA, is lifetime certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) by the Society of Human Resource Management, and is also certified as a behavioral specialist. She has held memberships in Rotary International, BNI, and other business, professional, and community organizations throughout her career.

Victoria Mavis currently resides in Arkansas. When she is not working, writing, or tending to her social media following, she enjoys gardening and uses a wheelchair and other accessibility tools to assist in her efforts. She is developing programs for disability agencies, educational institutions, and healthcare providers to help individuals with disabilities leverage their ableism through various art forms.

If you are interested in having Victoria Mavis as a disabled speaker for a workshop or keynote address at your event, or want to arrange a book signing event, simply reach out through one of her Social Media channels or drop a quick email to [email protected]