Every Scar Tells a Story - Hardcover Book
Every Scar Tells a Story - Hardcover Book

Every Scar Tells a Story - Hardcover Book

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Every Scar Tells a Story - Hardback
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This hardcover book, Every Scar Tells a Story, features life inspired insights from everyday characters who overcame adversities that inadvertently or unconsciously road-blocked their success. The real-life wisdom written in the pages are transformed through timeless stories that Victoria Mavis, a professional with a disability, tells of her journey to triumph over the childhood injury that caused her lifetime handicap and fostered the resentment for the life she could never have. Discover how she (and you) can rise above all hurdles through using your own approach of ableism to conquer and move forward with an empowered and engaged life as the disabled author and speaker, Victoria Mavis has achieved.

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Excerpt. ©2020 Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. 

Nearing the end of the snow bank-lined block of Victorian homes, which have been converted into offices for doctors and lawyers, Liz spots her car, a white Elantra. The closer she gets to it, the angrier she becomes at Rhonda, with her catlike green eyes, for refusing to help her. She regrets asking Justin to introduce them and wishes she could just forget the whole matter. After throwing her crutch in the back seat, she gets situated in the driver’s seat only to find that she can’t see around the two vehicles boxing her in, a red Jeep Cherokee and a black Ram truck. Given her physical disability, she’s unable to twist her neck lest dizziness set in, so she slowly starts to reverse watching through her rearview mirror, hoping there’s enough space for her car to clear. She hears a thud; her left foot slams on the brake, and the nightmare returns with the jolt.

She imagines: the freefall that lasts forever … the thump of her body hitting concrete … warm liquid oozing … the color red. She shudders, frozen in time and tied to a tragic injury by sounds and images that have haunted her since early childhood.


This hardcover book of Every Scar Tells a Story, written by Victoria Mavis, a working professional with a lifetime disability is beautifully designed and written for readers to be immersed in the era in which the story, inspired by the life of Victoria Mavis, occurred. The book, Every Scar Tells a Story can also be purchased as paperback or an author original autographed hardcover book with a share of proceeds from autographed book copies going to non-profit organizations with a mission of increasing ableism for individuals with disabilities.

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